"Addicted to War is an extraordinarily important and powerful little book. Every American should read it."

Ron Kovic, Vietnam veteran
author of "Born On The 4th of July"

"War may be the 'health of the state,' as Randolph Bourne warned when a pacifist population was being driven to World War I by hysterical propaganda, but it is the curse of the people - the attackers and the victims.

With spare and acid clarity, these snapshots of the real world brilliantly tell us why and how we must rid ourselves of this curse, quickly, or else descend to barbarism and destruction."

Noam Chomsky
Author and Professor Emeritus, MIT

"ADDICTED to WAR is a witty and devastating portrait of U.S. military policy, a fine example of art serving society"

Howard Zinn
author of 'A People's History of the United States'

"Addicted to War should be assigned reading in American schools because it tells the true history of this nation's culture of war. Because of this book, many young students will think twice before considering enlistment in the military. How different things might have been had my son had a chance to read it. However, it is not too late for many thousands of young Americans."

Fernando Suarez del Solar, whose son, Jesús, died fighting in Iraq, March 2003

"Addicted to War is must reading for Americans of all ages, who are concerned with understanding the true nature of U.S. foreign policy and how it affects us here at home."

Martin Sheen, Actor

"Addicted to War is not only a witty and entertaining portrait of our military dependent economy but a truly relevant insight not available in mainstream media, something our children should know before they must make their choice to become fodder for the military machine."

Susan Sarandon, Actress

"This book analyzes why men are addicted to fighting and killing - an addiction that could, in this the nuclear age, destroy all life on earth, creating the final epidemic of the human race."

Helen Caldicott
Pediatrician and author of 'Missile Envy'

"This is the most important comic book ever written. To be a true patriot (in the American revolutionary sense) is to understand the cruelty of U.S. foreign policy. Read this book and pass it on to as many people as you can."

Woody Harrelson, Actor

"Read this book!"

Cindy Sheehan
Founding member of
Gold Star Families for Peace

"The U.S., with 4.5% of the world's population, arrogantly plunders resources and cultures to support its American Way Of Life. Addicted to War illustrates why the U.S. is necessarily dependent upon war to feed its shameful consumption patterns."

S. Brian Willson
Vietnam veteran, anti-war activist

"How can we wean ourselves from our dismal addiction to war? This book is a fine starting point. Reading it will help people get on the road to recovery."

Kathy Kelly, Founder
Voices in the Wilderness

"Addicted to War is a rare gift to the American people. It should be read by every person who cares about the human condition. This book reveals truths that all Americans need to understand if we are ever to experience peace and justice for all the people of the earth."

Father Roy Bourgeois, Founder
School of the Americas Watch

"Addicted to War should be required reading for every student in America. I encourage educators to use it to help students understand the consequences of U.S. militarism for people here and around the world."

Rev. J.M. Lawson
Colleague of Martin Luther King, Jr. from 1957-68

"Political comics at its best. Bitterly amusing, lively, and richly informative. For people of all ages who want to understand the link between U.S. militarism, foreign policy, and corporate greed at home and abroad."

Michael Parenti, author of
'History as Mystery' and 'To Kill a Nation'

"Addicted to War could not be more timely. It shows that the current war dance by the Bush administration is just the latest in a long series of foreign adventures that cause more damage than reward for us as a country.

This book is one of the best tools we could hope for in a transition from the U.S. being an empire to being just one nation in a community of nations.

Use it, and change the world!"

Medea Benjamin and Kevin Danaher
co-founders of Global Exchange

"I've come to the conclusion that if we don't change from a value system based on love of money and power to one based on love of compassion and generosity we will be extinct this century.

We need a brief earthquake to wake up humanity. Addicted to War is such an earthquake."

Patch Adams, M.D.
Founder of Gesundheit Institute,
Vietnam War-era Conscientious Objector

"Many years ago in Korea, I believed I was serving a righteous cause. When reality jarred my assumptions, I first reacted angrily. My honor was offended.

Then I met other ex-military who helped me understand that while my motives were good, the policies I was asked to support were not. We banded together to use our experiences to help head off future wars through education. One of our most effective tools is Addicted to War."

Wilson "Woody" Powell
former Executive Director of Veterans for Peace

"For those who have created a wall in their mind to resist questioning what the powers-that-be have taught them, this book might be the right battering ram."

William Blum,
author of 'Killing Hope' and 'Rogue State'

"Our young people will learn more about the cult of militarism in this short and accurate book by Joel Andreas than they might learn in their first twelve years of schooling."

Blase Bonpane,
Director of Office of the Americas

"The idiocy of war is apparent. What is amazing is that no matter the tracts, essays, and books telling us this through the ages, we resist that truth. Hopefully this political comic by Joel Andreas can pierce the tough hide of man's mind and heart."

Edward Asner, Actor

"Addicted to War makes one point perfectly clear: We can bomb the world to pieces, but we can't bomb into peace!"

Michael Franti,
Musician - Spearhead

"Brilliant! This book is an excellent teaching tool and basic primer to help people understand some of the things that really drive this country. The art is fabulous and helps to take the sting out of such a grisly subject.

What's really hard is making people recognize their own responsibility to do something about it."

Michael Ruppert,
former L.A.P.D. Narcotics Officer

"As we're goose-stepping our way into the new millennium, Addicted to War provides us with an opportunity to see ourselves as others see us."

Kris Kristofferson,
Singer, songwriter and actor

"As a veteran of three wars, World War II, through Vietnam, with 33 years of Army service, I find this book to be the most truthful recitation of our government's policies available anywhere."

Col. James Burkholder,
U.S. Army, Retired

"Addicted to War is a tremendous tool that could change the course of our nation. It must be published in the millions and taught in every school in America."

Russell Means,
American Indian patriot